BEAUTY IS IN OUR NATURE – It´s in our nature to be passionate about the products we make.


It's Allison's nature to be passionate about the products we make. And it's in nature that we find our inspiration for choosing the right combination of high-quality ingredients to achieve beautiful results that you can see and feel.

We supply some of the strongest private label brands in the Nordic countries. Our experience and understanding of the market allow us to create products from concept to delivery.

We pride ourselves in always delivering on our promise and taking care of our partners. Be it the changing regulations or regular deliveries, you can trust in us.

With us you have a guarantee for safety and quality, because our philosophy is 'safe, green and good'. We have a wide range of certifications and meet the strict regulations of Denmark and the EU. 

Offering 360° service that in close collaboration with you makes sure to understand your brand’s values, we create innovative and sustainable concepts to bring to the market. With the focus on innovation, we secure both your business growth and our planet.

Founded in 1970, Allison is a leading manufacturer and supplier of beauty care products for face, hair and body. We are privately owned and headquartered in Jutland, Denmark, with approximately 65 dedicated and specialized employees. In 2016, Allison was acquired by Nopa Nordic and became an independent subsidiary in the Nopa Nordic family.

Nopa Nordic was founded in 1964 by Niels Thostrup. Since then, the family company has become the largest private label manufacturer in the Nordic countries, specializing in sustainable laundry detergents, cleaning products and eco-labeled personal care products.

We believe in carefully selecting the right combination of ingredients to deliver beautiful care for face, body and hair.

That is why we say BEAUTY IS IN OUR NATURE