Our strategy is 


Responsible solutions is our vision for a better future.

Liana Mikah 6Krmh6k3rdk Unsplash SAFE

Danish developed and manufactured skin care since 1970.

You can always feel safe with us. We specialize in green certifications and eco-labels and are among the pioneers when it comes to green initiatives.

We work with extremely high quality standards and hygiene control in compliance with EU legislation and we guide you regarding current and future legislative changes. We thoroughly inspect and document every step along the way. 

We have a social responsibility to make the world a better place. We are proud to be the first of our kind to be certified by Bureau Veritas in UN's global sustainability goals.




Skov Med Mos GREEN

We are a family owned company with a green focus and values, trying to take care of you and the environment. We specialize in developing products that are environmentally friendly and effective throughout their life cycle.

Our product development and entire production system is based on the use of natural, bio-based and plant-based ingredients. Even our packaging is recycled plastic, bio-based or recyclable materials.


Quick 6 GOOD

You will feel comfortable working with us. We believe in close, transparent and reliable cooperation with our partners to provide you with a good and effective service.

We provide a reliable and fully traceable delivery. The entire production process is carried out under strict requirements and control in accordance with our certification, which controls the safe use of products for consumers and good manufacturing practices in the production facility.

We do not compromise when it comes to what we consider a safe, green and good product, as we would rather say no to business than compromise our values which are our DNA.